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VA Design are an independent creative studio specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors. Helping our clients to establish and develop their own identity. We pride ourselves on creating some of the most unique brands and interactive design.

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Vickyanne Tomkiss is a branding and web design specialist, working closely with fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors. Building long term relationships with our clients and taking the time to learn about their industry, competitors and target audience allows us to design and develop successful brands, print collateral, packaging and interactive design.

Vickyanne is an ambitious creative with a strong vision and distinctive eye for style. We pride ourselves on the success of our clients.

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frequently asked questions



+ How soon can we start my project?

Our design services are limited as I take on no more than 2 new clients per month to ensure that each project receives the time and attention it deserves. I typically book projects 2 months in advance. However If your project is urgent, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you!.

+ What is the range of prices for your services?

Our pricing varies, depending on the project and its scope of work. Generally, though, our pricing ranges from £720 to around £4000. All projects are customized to each client needs, Once you've reached out to me, we'll schedule a call to discuss details and you'll receive an official quote a few days after that.


+ How does the payment work for Brand Development?

Once we've talked and you've decided we will make a perfect team for your project, you'll need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your booking in our calendar and the final 50% is due when the project is complete but before the final files are handed over.

+ How long does it take to design our brand?

Our branding process typically takes 6 - 8 weeks, depending on your unique design package. For more information on how our process looks like please click here

+ What is the difference between a logo & a brand identity?

A logo identifies a company or product via the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature. One major role in the ‘brand’ of a company is it's identity. In most cases, identity design is based around the visuals used within a company, usually assembled within a set of guidelines. These guidelines that make up an identity usually administer how the identity is applied throughout a variety of mediums, using approved colour palettes, fonts, layouts, a suite and supporting design elements. These guidelines ensure that the identity of the company is kept coherent, which in turn, allows the brand as a whole, to be recognizable. The identity of a company is made up of many visual designs:

  • A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand)
  • Stationery (Letterhead, business card, envelopes, etc.)
  • Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.)
  • Products & Packaging (Products sold and the packaging in which they come in)
  • Apparel Design (Tangible clothing items that are worn by employees)
  • Signage (Interior & exterior design)
  • Other Communication (Audio, smell, touch, etc.)
  • Anything visual that represents the business

+ Why do you create logos in black and white first?

We always present our logos in black and white to begin with. Then, once we’ve rolled out the rest of your branding and have a good idea of what your colour palette, image direction, and overall branding will look like, we can make an informed decision as to what colours we feel your logo will work best in.

+ What are design concepts?

Within the scope of logo design, we offer 1-3 different logo design concepts for your company. Once you have narrowed down your choice to one or two concepts from the presentation, we then refine or tweak your choice. These are referred to as design revisions and involves changes to the shape, font, and proportions of the logo, but typically don’t involve changing the concept of the logo itself.

+ How many rounds of revisions do you offer?

We offer 2 rounds of ‘revisions’. A round refers to the action of us interpreting your feedback and actioning it to present you with a new concept.

+ How will I receive my finished designs?

We deliver all your designs and supporting elements as a digital and print package of JPG, PNG and EPS files with the folLowing colour formats such as Hex, RGB, and CMYK to ensure consistency across all media. Please be aware that my native design files are not included as a deliverable in any of my packages. A native file is the layered master design file used to create the final deliverables for a project. This is usually in the form of a Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign document. If you require this file please let me know at the start of the project so that I can include it in your quote.


+ How does the payment work for Branding & Web Design?

Split into three payments. We require a 25% deposit to secure your booking in our calendar. 50% of the remaining half is due at the start of the Brand Identity, and the final 25% upon Web/Ecommerce Design completionis.

+ How long does it take to finish my website?

Most websites are completed within 10 - 12 weeks. However depending on the size of your website and a number of other factors, such as do you require a 5 page website or a 20 page ecommerce website? There are too many unknowns without first having all of the details for your project. Let's chat, and receive a proposal.

+ What platforms do you use?

We build websites on different platforms, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify. We'll work closely with your team to find the best solution thats right for your brand. You'll get a website that is User Experience, 100% mobile friendly and across all other devices. With easy access to operate and maintain yourself.

01 | Wordpress

02 | Squarespace

03 | Shopify

04 | Magento

+ What is a domain?

A domain name is the URL or web address where visitors find your site. For exmaple ( Custom domains give your site a professional look, strengthen your brand, and make it easy for visitors to find you on the web. Once you have decided on the domain name you want to use, your next step is to choose a registar for your domain name registration. Registars vary in price, services offered, ease of use, management system, and more. If you have questions about domains, and not sure who to register with, we've got you covered.

+ Why do I need a website hosting?

A lot of people tend to think that registering a domain name is good enough to get a website active. What they fail to understand is that a domain is as good as your name, a name by which others may recognize you. In order to get a website active and live on the internet, you need to host a website. If you are seeking to build a website without taking web hosting services, registering domain names will serve no purpose. Having a web hosting account is very important in order to get a website hosted. A web hosting company makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on the web. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to have your website housed on the world wide web.

+ Do you write content or copy for websites?

We prefer our clients to provide content and copy to guarantee accuracy. You know your business better than anyone else so it's important that copy comes from you. We are happy to refer you with a good copywriter if you would like to work with one.

+ Do you help with Search Engine Optimisation?

We don’t offer an SEO services, however we do take into consideration some basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices to your website for when you launch, We’re a huge fan of networking and have some awesome connections in this industry, which means that if you need assistance in this area, we can recommend an SEO strategist that you can work with.

We believe design has the power to tell stories, deepen engagement, transform brands, and grow businesses. We pride ourselves on the success of our clients.